Thursday, February 24, 2011

Parent Me!

I know I"m late but the infamous Billy Ray Cyrus interview is still fresh on my brain. As I read the interview I couldn't help but feel that Mr. Cyrus's words seemed very genuine and heartfelt. I thought about my boys and the views that my husband and I have on parenting. I put myself in Mr. Cyrus's shoes and tried to imagine the hurt he must feel as a parent and the regrets he must have of what he should've done or could've done. I thought about all the mistakes my husband and I have made as parents. Being a parent isn 't a job that you want to take a stab at and hope you get things right along the way. We don't have to feel that we are blindly leading our children unsure of rather we are getting it right or wrong....and we don't have to wait until they are in utter rebellion to figure out that we're on the wrong track. God has clearly outlined in scripture how we are to parent our children and His plans are perfect and for our good! And our children's good!

Tedd Tripp in his book, "Shepherding a Child's Heart", get's to the heart of God's calling for parents:

Recognizing that God has called you to function as his agent defines your task as a parent. Our culture has reduced parenting to providing care. Parents often see the task in these terms. The child must have food, clothes, a bed, and some quality time. In sharp contrast to such a weak view, God has called you to a more profound task than being only a care-provider. You shepherd your child in God's behalf. The task God has given you is not one that can be conveniently scheduled. It is a pervasive task. Training and shepherding are going on whenever you are with your children. Whether waking, walking, talking or resting, you must be involved in helping your child to understand life, himself, and his needs from a biblical perspective (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)

I know this seems like a daunting task but God's grace will always be sufficient! I must note that in order to train your children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Ephesians 6) you must have a heart that has been regerated by God; you must be saved. You must have a passion for God's glory and for seeing your children walk with God because if you don't then how can you expect them to? I can't just tell my children about the gospel I have to live out the gospel to them. Now I don't know if Mr. Cyrus is a believer but none the less it's never to late for us to receive the mercy and grace of God through Jesus and it's never too late for our children. Don't be another parent who looks back and has a heart full of regrets on what you could've or should've done when parenting your children.


  1. OUTSTANDING...didnt read/hear the interview w/ Billy but your point has been made!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting Mel!