Monday, October 28, 2013

A Distinctively Biblical & Delight Directed Education

Education is a topic that I am constantly thinking about or talking about as a mom who home educates two of my children. Like many, I grew up going to public school so most of my ideas about education were a result of my public school education. When I first began home schooling my oldest child I struggled with what exactly "home schooling" would look like for my family. I felt a constant need to compare how I was educating my son at home versus how public school kids his age were being educated. Quickly, I learned that what worked for some kids wasn't working for my son. Was there something wrong with him? Does he suffer from ADD or ADHD? Should he be on medication as his public school had teacher implied? Was I teaching him the wrong way?

All these questions would make any parent feel inadequate when it comes to home schooling. Fast forward five years later and I am confident that my son doesn't need medication and neither is there anything wrong with his ability to learn. The problem was that I was using man's standard of education and not God's. What I've learned over these years by God's grace is that God is God over everything including intellect. My standard of education should first begin with what God has called me to teach my children according to His word. All the subjects my children are taught should be from a biblical worldview. I'm not seeking to downplay the importance of them learning things such as reading, writing, and arithmetic but rather I want to focus on the "why" behind their education.

I not only want my children to be well educated but I want them to know what type of education is most important; an intimate knowledge of God. Not only is education in America by in large void of God but it's also void of giving children a love for learning. Children are often packed into over-crowded classrooms, forced to learn the same way, not given opportunities to be creative, and forced to learn in an environment surrounded by kids their same age. God created us as unique individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses.

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I believe parents should know their children better than anyone else and thus are the most capable in knowing how best to educate their children. God has given us as parents the responsibility of educating our children. We have the freedom to choose the best method to educate our children but it's non-negotiable that it should be in an environment where a love of the Lord and the fear of the Lord is upheld and taught. We're working against raising them in the discipline and instruction of the Lord if we place them in a learning environment where the Lord is mocked, where scripture isn't the authority, where they are taught a secular worldview, where they are spending most of their time being discipled by those who don't love the Lord nor fear the Lord, and where their gifts and talents aren't nurtured. It makes no difference if a teacher is a professing Christian if the curriculum being used is secular and points our children everywhere other than to Christ.

I believe the solution to education in America is for parents to take back control of what our children are learning, how they are learning, and who is teaching them. God has given each of us and our children specific gifts and talents to be used for His glory and as a means to bless our families, our local churches, and our communities. I strongly believe in delight directed study; where I can tailor my children's education to subjects and activities that interests them. Education can be distinctively biblical and delight directed at the same time. Is that easy to accomplish? No, but this task is well worth our time and energy. God is rich in grace! Our children are like delicate flowers that need their soils nurtured, protected, watered, and grown to maturity but we must be dependent on God for all that we are called to be and do as the primary educators of our children. We should also remember that all flowers are not alike. Different flowers call for different types of care. The soil may be different and the type of care needed may be different but the ultimate source of growth, water, is needed for all. Christ is that living water and our children need Him. Education  is much more that teaching my children. I want to leave a legacy of faithfulness to God and a desire for them to  glorify God in all that they do. God has called us to be the substitute teachers teaching the curriculum that the head teacher has left us. God's word is sufficient!  I pray that we are faithfully training our children to look like Christ.

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