Friday, October 18, 2013

Keeping House- How To Manage the Home

I must confess that I enjoy cleaning my house. I don't enjoy doing laundry but I do find a sense of satisfaction in a house that is tidy and smells good; even if it doesn't last very long. Keeping our homes orderly is an on-going duty for all wives and mothers; and dads too! Is there a perfect way to keep house? I don't know if there is such a way but I figured it might be a good idea to put our ideas or methods together to help one another. What are your methods for keeping your house tidy? What do you struggle with the most when it comes to keeping your house organized?

Laundry has always been the most dreaded house duty for me.  There are numerous times that I go into my kids' rooms and find a ton of dirty clothes stuffed in their closet, or under the bed, or mixed in with the clean ones in their drawers. Oh and I've learned that if you put a laundry basket in your kids' rooms most likely they'll just put all their clothes in it just so they don't have to fold or hang their. It seems that I will get the laundry done and then poof there are more loads that need to be done.When someone invents a dryer that folds the laundry, I will be one of the first people in line to buy one. 

My husband suggested that we have a day to fold the laundry together as a family and that has actually been working well for us. During the week I focus on getting everything separated, washed, and dried..and then we pick a day to do all of the folding, hanging, putting away, etc. So what would usually take me days to do, ends up only taking us a few hours. Starting as young as 2, you can have age-appropriate chores for your kids. Focus on the Family has organized this list of age-appropriate chores that I have found very useful in involving my kids with house duties as well as teaching them responsibility. We don't give an allowance to our kids for chores but I'm sure there are families who do so it's up to you. 

Earlier this year, a friend of mine introduced me to freezer meals; which in my opinion are a gift from God for the busy mom. Freezer meals are essential for me as a home school mom because they free up more of my time to be able to focus on my husband and my kids. I basically pick a day; Saturday works best for me, and I cook all my meals for a month putting them in freezer containers. There are freezer to oven containers that are perfect for this sort of thing. This type of meal planning isn't just dinner. Breakfast and lunch can be prepared weeks or a month in advance and then taken out and thawed the day before use. I've gotten lots of ideas for freezer meals at this website. You could also browse the freezer section of your local grocery/whole foods store for ideas about what types of freezer meals you could make. The possibilities with freezer meals are endless! I've found that there are groups of moms who double their freezer meals and then swap meals with each other. 

I hope to hear from some of you on your ideas or methods for managing your home!

Happy Housekeeping:-)

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